Buying a warehouse should not be a difficult undertaking. Whatever you wish to store, from perishable products to non-perishable goods, clients wishing to buy an industrial property can expect to find the perfect solution, customised to your unique needs. We offer clients trusted advice and insight, with the chance to buy a warehouse at very competitive prices.

Find-A-Warehouse strives to offer clients in Johannesburg, Pretoria, KZN and Cape Town the chance to buy a warehouse that offers customised convenience and fulfills all your business needs and goals. If we cannot find a warehouse for sale that suits your business requirements, we can build one tailored according to your specifications.

 The benefits of buying a warehouse:

Customisation - A building that is owned can be customised to the business’s specific needs and tastes, which is usually not able to be done for rental properties. When you customize the space, you are investing into your own business and not improving the rental property.

Expansion - If the property is too large initially when your business is still small, you can use one part of the warehouse for inventory and the other for office space. If your business outgrows the space and you need to move, you can simply let the property to another tenant and generate an additional income for your business.

Investments - Monthly installments are going towards investing in a major asset for the business instead of paying rent to the landlord and someone else’s bond.

Monthly Cost - Rental costs can escalate between 8 %– 10% every year. When a business purchases a property, the monthly bond payments remain relatively consistent throughout the finance period. Rental payments and other recurring expenses from renting can and up exceeding the amount you would pay if you bought the property.

Risk of Moving - Owning the building reduces the risk of having to move if a lease is not renewed by the landlord, this can cause unnecessary expense to the business. Your business also builds up a reputation and familiarity with an associated location.

Tax Advantages - Property owners can claim tax deductions for costs associated with owning, running and maintaining the business space. Property owners can take advantage of tax depreciation.

Contact us to assist you in the buying process and let’s find the right warehouse for you!