Your business is unique and therefore you require unique warehousing facilities to accommodate your productivity needs. You might not always find a warehouse that matches your identical business requirements. At Find-A-Warehouse our dedicated staff are driven by your specific business wants and needs.

Whether you are wishing to rent a warehousebuy a warehouse or build a warehouse, your needs do not change. We make it our priority to find a warehouse in the right area. Should we not find a warehouse that offers what the client is looking for, we offer a custom built warehousing solution.

Imagine a custom-built warehouse designed using the latest building techniques and using environmentally friendly lightweight materials.

Should clients prefer to build a custom designed warehouse that fits their specific specs, we have the team to source the appropriate land and location. We will also assist with the finance application. During this process, we will also find finance for clients so that they are able to build the warehousing space they require for their business.

Custom-built warehouses are built with energy efficiency in mind including:

  • Power saving lighting
  • Energy saving air conditioning
  • Solar geysers
  • Translucent sheeting